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Lunch Staff

Every day, the lunch staff prepares and serves food for our school. These ladies work extra to ensure good quality food for everyone who enters the lunchroom. The Lunch Ladies are important members of our school that sometimes go unnoticed.

Becky Maddox is a part of the ACHS lunch staff. She helps the students get their nutrients for lunch and sometimes breakfast, making sure their brains are fueled to learn.

Although kids can be a handful she enjoys her work and the environment around her.

“My favorite part of the job is the kids. I love getting to know them and building relationships with them,” lunch lady Maddox said.

Everyday she goes to school and continues about doing her day-to-day tasks for her job.

“Making sure food is properly prepared by following recipes, taking temperatures and serving correct amounts. Also making sure everyone is getting the main entree, fruit, and

vegetable to make it a complete and nutritious meal,” Maddox said.

Even though she is in the kitchen, she can still help maintain peace in the cafeteria environment. She experiences many interesting events during the lunch hours.

“Probably the time I had to get in between two boys that were in a fight over a girl during the middle of A lunch,” Maddox said.

She also enjoys giving meals to those who can’t afford to get it themselves.

“The kids need a nutritional meal to have a successful day. Makes me feel good to know kids don’t have to worry if they have funds in their account to get that breakfast or lunch. Happy we can give them that meal without the stress,” Maddox said.

Next time you’re in the lunch line, in a rush to get your meal, take time to give your lunch lady a thank you for working hard to prepare the balanced nutritional meal you are about to receive.

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