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Magnolia Munn finds her calling in modeling

Modeling is a serious business, not only for the businesses the models walk for but for individual image. In February, sophomore Magnolia Munn started modeling for a local modeling agency - Models and Images. Since then, she has taken her image to incredible new heights in the modeling industry at only sixteen years of age.

“There was a model search [in February] with Models and Images. I went, dressed up, did my runway, they announced the winner and I won,” Munn said. “That won me a free contract and free modeling classes. Winning that gave me a full ride to becoming a model.”

Munn initially attended the model search to enjoy the experience it came with, but now she is in a very serious and competitive scene in the modeling industry.

“I was always excited. It was something just for fun and not super serious so I’ll just do my own thing. I definitely did not think I was going to win. I saw the other girls and was like ‘no way’,” Munn said. “There were 74 girls, and they picked two out of my age group so it is kind of crazy how it all worked out.”

Most high school students are unfamiliar or confused with how the modeling industry works. Many questions arise on how models win competition and what judges look for.

I won for my unique look. They [Models and Images] were like, ‘Your face is just so unique-looking’. It can also be how your walk is. The judge told my mom as I was walking in, ‘Oh my gosh, she just has to be the winner because I have never seen somebody have such a unique face,’. It’s kind of weird to me,” Munn said.

In May, Munn was signed to a national modeling agency in New York, Women Management New York. Their models walk the runway for big name retailers and companies such as Banana Republic, Versace, Fendi, Chanel, and more.

“They have been giving me classes on Zoom and I won’t be able to travel there until the beginning of next year because of COVID,” Munn said. “The classes teach you runway and photo movement. They show you how to do runway makeup, too, which is less natural and more eye makeup.”

Next year, Munn will attend Paris Fashion through her agency where famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Chanel host shows at historical places in Paris like the Grand Palais museum.

“I am going to walk for Louis Vuitton and Prada [in Paris],” Munn said. “There are two different types of runway that you can do. For Paris, it is very serious and just walking. For one I’m doing this weekend it is more for fun, smiling, just having fun with it. It is very different and unique from just typical pictures.”

To be a model, one must display consistency in the industry and a positive image. Munn strives to be that, and paved a road to success not many other models have.

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