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March Madness gets underway a year after being cancelled

After a year absence, the madness did not take long in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. As usual, there were many upsets. In the first day, 15-seeded Oral Roberts bested 2-seed Ohio State. Oral Roberts was the ninth 15-seed to ever make the round of 32. Oral Roberts then beat 7-seed Flori-da, becoming the second 15-seed ever to make the sweet sixteen after Florida Gulf Coast in 2013.

“This March has been the most madness out of every tournament ever. The thing that makes me happiest is relaxing and watching every game at once” Kamden Wilson said.

Gonzaga held the position of frontrunner for a majority of the tournament. Led by their big three, that is senior Corey Kispert, sophomore Drew Timme, and freshman Jalen Suggs, they combined for over 52 points a game.

“I would like to see Gonzaga win it all even though they are undefeated. I like their program and the way they make players better over time at their program. I have also always like coach Mark Few,” seniorJack Broulliette said.

March has been a chance for players to shine in the spotlight. Ohio’s Jason Preston used that spotlight to show fans and NBA scouts how he can really play. In the first round he led 13-seeded Ohio to victory over defending champs Virginia. He put up 11 points, 13 rebounds, and 8 assists as his team facilitator.

UPDATE: Following the publishing of this story, Gonzaga defeated Baylor in the National Championship.

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