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Each year, the Andover Central Choir gets the chance to showcase their outstanding vocal skills in the annual ACHS Fall Choir Concert. This year, the concert took place on October 7th at 7 p.m. in the school auditorium. The title of the concert was “Rising Dawn,” and it featured performances from each section of the choir. The concert began by launching into its first song “When Our Voices Rise,” led by choir teacher, Ms. Miller. This piece was composed by Stuart Chapman Hill and was sung by the Concert Choir, an ensemble of students ranging from freshman to seniors. Preceding the first song, the Concert Choir went on to perform “Hold Me Rock Me” a song composed by Brian Tate. After the first two songs were performed, the Treble ensemble began their performance of the concert. The Treble Ensemble is an ensemble of female-only singers. The ensemble performed four songs, beginning with “Oh, Think Of Me” and concluding with “This Little Light Of Mine.” Both songs were composed by Elaine Hagenberg. Following their performance, the Andover Central Singers took to the stage and sang four songs as well. They are an ensemble group of twenty-four members made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. They sang their first of four songs, “Measure Me Sky” which was composed by Jonathan Reid and finished by performing “Rise and Shine” a song composed by Marques Garrett and Tom Trenney. The last part of the concert featured the ACHS Chorale, which is an ensemble made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. They sang three songs and concluded the concert by performing “Walk Out On The Water” which was composed by Geung Kroeker-Lee. Ms. Miller and the Andover Central Choir members religiously rehearsed for their Fall concert and were excited to sing in front of their friends, parents, and teachers. The choir has many more upcoming events and can’t wait to perform at their next concert which will occur on December 8th at 7 p.m. in the school auditorium.

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