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New staff members share initial experiences, hopes for future

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Julie Reid was a para at Central for the last two years. This year, she made the stride to become on of the new resource teachers here at Central.

“I have been working here the last couple of years as a Para, and I liked it so much that I am currently getting my masters degree for special education,” Reid said.

Prior to her teaching career, Reid received an Associates degree in Radiography and a Bachelors degree at Toledo in individual studies.

Johnny Rothwell had taught for thirteen years and was a math teacher at Derby High

School. Rothwell looked forward to continue the teaching the curriculum at Central.

“I hope I am somebody students are comfortable going to for help and feel confident

that I am going to help them. Math is traditionally a hard subject for people, and I want students to feel that I’m patient and willing to help them. I have their best interests in mind,” Rothwell said.

Chemistry teacher Jacob Brittain entered his third year of teaching and previously taught at

East High.

“I am really excited about my coworkers. Everyone here has been really helpful with getting

me ready for the school year, and the kids are great and fun to work with,” Brittain said.

Brittain attended Wichita Sate and has a bachelors in chemistry education.

Journalism teacher Anthony Kucera entered his first year of teaching.

“I am excited to work here,” Kucera said. “My goal here is to help students learn the passion of journalim and communications.”

Kucera worked at Channel 12 news prior to teaching.

The counselors welcomed a new face at Central. Melissa Loibl was a social worker at McPherson High School and is entering her fourth year of teaching.

“Everybody is really respectful and as far as the students, it has been a great experience. The staff is awesome. It’s like really energizing to be surrounded by teachers who are seeking excellence,” Loibl said. “Definitely has been like working with a different caliber.”

Head librarian Heather Hawkins taught at ACMS for 24 years prior to coming to ACHS.

“I want to bring in more interesting reading material and get involved with the whole student body,” Hawkins said.

English teacher Austin Schopper entered his sixth year of teaching upon joining ACHS. In college, he majored in Secondary Education and English.

“The people here are driven to learn. The admin is really good at listening to their teachers and taking suggestions.” Schopper said. “I am impressed with the students so far and the resources available.

English Teacher Alison Hill previously taught at Circle Middle School and entered her sixth year of teaching in joining ACHS.

“I was really involved in leadership and in student activity [at Circle]. So I would really

like to get back to that.” Mrs. Hill said.

Special Education teacher Andrea Lehning entered her third year of teaching at ACHS and previously taught at Andover High School.

“It was very welcoming. I felt like I was a part of the Jag family the second I walked in,”

Mrs. Lehning said.

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