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Next steps: seniors look to the future as they plan for college

As the class of 2021 began their final semester at Andover Central, seniors started to plan for the future and the upcoming school year.

“I’m super excited for this next school year. I earned a scholarship and have already signed to play baseball at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. At JCCC we get to live in apartments because they do not offer dorms, which is honestly something I loved about the place, and the fact that they are a top 10 JUCO baseball program in the nation. I am going to most likely have one roommate who is an outfielder from Arkansas. I am super excited to see what the juco route brings for me and I am beyond blessed.” senior Easton Elliot said.

Along with Elliot, senior Bailey Wilborn has planned for next year at the University of Maine including what she will need for her room and life in general.

“One of my teammates and I decided to room together in the dorms next year, it was kind of nice to find a roommate early so I didn’t have to worry about it later on. For decor I am basically just using Amazon for all of it. I am preparing by looking for and writing down what I would most likely need and want and then searching for the things on Amazon, Walmart, and Target. If I realize I am missing something when I am in my dorm there is a small mall or group of stores I can go to in case of an emergency,” Wilborn said.

Other seniors planned their classes according to their chosen major.

“Next year I have been planning on taking classes for my psychology major. I did some research on the necessary classes that I needed to take and which year I should take them in and went off of that for the most part. It’s crazy to be planning a schedule for college already,” senior Connor Seibel said.

At the new Center for Advanced Professional Studies. At CAPS, students experience more hands-on studies.

“CAPS was a great program because I was able to go on job shadows and it really helped me narrow down my options for the future. Through CAPS I was able to find out that architecture is the job for me,” senior Kyra Stinson said.

As the year reaches a close, seniors

prepare for the new chapter by finding roommates, necessary items, and creating the perfect schedule. In a time of complete uncertainty, they find hope in planning for the future.

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