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November Food of Month: Celcius

When you walk through the halls every morning, chances are you will see a fair amount of people holding different caffeinated beverages like coffee or Redbull to give them their morning caffeine boost. One drink in particular seems to be rising in popularity are Celsius, pre-workout energy drinks. These drinks are marketed as healthy drinks that come in all different flavors with 200mg of caffeine.

“I drink a Celsius every morning because I feel like they really wake me up without making me overly caffeinated.” senior Kailey Zweiner said.

Celsius drinks are marketed toward a younger audience with the array of fun flavors they offer and their colorful branding.

“Celsius is my favorite because I honestly really like the different flavors they come in, and they are marketed as being healthy so that is also really appealing to me.” junior Riley Axtell said.

These caffeinated beverages have been slowly gaining popularity since their launch in 2005. They have been rebranded over time to appeal to a wider selection of people and not just athletes. This rebranding has allowed the drinks to become more popular with younger demographics. Their fun packaging, variety of flavors, and caffeine content have made them a popular choice for teen’s favorite energy drink.

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