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Rumble 2023

One of the many traditions here at Andover Central is Rumble in the Jungle. On September 16th, the student body came to play games, and cheered on their classmates at Jaguar Stadium. The whole stadium was full of excitement and had amazing energy. Stuco puts on Rumble every year, but this year was the best in years yet. The energy and the school spirit that had been missing in the past, but this time it made the whole experience better.

Rumble is when the student council comes up with games to play like Slip N’ Slide Musical Chairs, Table Boat Race, and more and then at the end of the night, the girls from each grade level battle it out in Powderpuff. Powderpuff is when the girls play flag football and compete against each other with some of the football players coaching. Each grade competes against the others, and the winner of each game receives 50 points, the second place receives 30, the third place receives 20, and the fourth place receives 10.

The juniors ended up winning for the night. Everyone did great with being involved with the entire night. Even though the seniors didn’t win like usual, it still ended up being an awesome night. The school cannot wait to see how this year carries over to the coming years!

Rumble will be a tradition that continues throughout the years, and get ready, because Buff Puff is right around the corner, so let's keep up the spirit and come to BuffPuff. Also look out for pictures here on the Spotline website!!!

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