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Songbird Juice CO. Review

Songbird Juice Co. is located in Riverside Wichita. They make cold-pressed juices along with smoothies, and acai bowls. All of their items are made with clean and mindfully sourced ingredients. All of their juices and bowls range in price from $7.50 to $9.50. They also have juice cleanses available. One of the best acai bowls is the Sunflower bowl. It has an acai base and is topped with granola, blueberry, strawberry, sunflower seeds, and local honey. Acai is a fruit that is collected from a tree and has health benefits. According to, some of the health benefits include being nutrient dense, having antioxidants, improving cholesterol levels, and boosting brain function.

The store is decorated very comfortably with local work and plants throughout the store.

“I love going to Songbird with my friends because the vibes are so good and

welcoming,” senior Pallas

Adams said.

There are options for gluten free and other food


“I love getting food from here because my stomach is super sensitive to certain foods and my stomach never gets hurt from the food here,” senior Makayla Allison said.

Overall, this local food location is the perfect stop for a healthier snack and supports a Wichita business. Their products can also boost health. They also provide

information for many other local businesses.

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