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Spanish 4's Trip to Botanica

On Tuesday September 26th the Spanish 4 class was given the opportunity to go to Botanica to learn about the monarch butterfly migration to Mexico. Botanica has their very own butterfly habitat devoted to education and exploration around butterflies. Spanish culture celebrates Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead and they believe that when the butterflies arrive in Mexico it represents the souls of their loved ones who have passed. This is very important to Mexican culture because their culture honors their family heritage and considers it culturally significant. It served as a great field trip and learning experience.

“My favorite part was exploring the butterfly house and getting to tag a monarch,” senior Delaney O’Neil said. Tagging a butterfly involves placing a very small sticker close to the center of lift as to not disturb the flying of the monarch. The tracking is used to study migration patterns.

“It was all very pretty and I enjoyed seeing the scenery. I took lots of pictures. I also enjoyed tagging the butterflies, I learned a lot,” senior Morgan Holt said.

The trip was fun for many and offered a great learning experience with beautiful scenery. Thank you to Botanica for hosting the Spanish 4 class.

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