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Student Profile: Jacob Norris

The International Baccalaureate prep program is an academic curriculum designed to be academically intensive and simulatory of the workload and stresses of the IB program. Students in this program take intensive, in- depth courses that focus on specific subjects, while increasing rigor as students remain in the program.

Junior Jacob Norris is one of the few Andover Central students to have gone through this program.

“Pre-IB was an interesting experience to say the least,” Norris said. “With respect to the academic work, much of the course material went deeper than the standard courses, so I gained valuable insight into important subjects.”

Despite the academic intensity, Norris says his time in Pre-IB provided valuable insight into the subjects he studied. “Overall, I would say that I enjoyed my time in the program.”

Following his time in Pre-IB, Norris transferred to Andover Central and has been attending the school since. He participates in the concert band, marching band, and jazz band, and was a member of the All-State Honor Ensemble this year.

“I try my best in everything I do,” Norris explained, “It wouldn’t be fair to my fellow participants to slack off and have the group suffer. Similarly, it wouldn’t be fair to myself to slack off on my schoolwork.”

Jacob maintains a 4.0 unweighted GPA, even with his participation in extracurricular activities. Among his outstanding academic achievements, Norris also led the Andover Central Scholar’s Bowl team to their second state championship in school history this season.

“I believe that knowledge is one of the most crucial things for success, so I enjoy pursuing it.” Norris said, “Scholar’s Bowl is all about knowledge that participants have acquired throughout their school careers and outside of the classroom.”

While only a Junior, Norris is looking to continue his academic career at a university, considering MIT, WSU, KU, Missouri S&T, and the Colorado School of Mines. He intends to study within the STEM field, while still participating in music.

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