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Students and Teacher as Presidents

If one of our very own students or staff were picked as president, who would it be?With election season coming up, Spotlight went out into the jungle and asked the simple question, “Who would be the best president and why?”

“I’d pick myself. I would be a fantastic president,” sophomore Tyler Voros said. When asked why he said, “Because I got ideas… for the youth,” sophomore Tyler Voros said.

“Dr. Ryff, he’s very thoughtful, kind, and doesn’t overreact. I would say Mr. Gerwick but that would give him a big head,” principal Mrs. Grier said.

Roman Lee, freshman, offered up his friend Briggs who is a music producer and rapper. “I picked Briggs because he’s the single greatest music artist ever and he has a good work ethic and some strong morals.”

Helena Iskt, a foreign exchange student, has only been at the school for around a month, “I think Mrs. Goforth would make a good president because she is kind and knowledgeable.” senior Helena Iskt said,

A very popular choice who was suggested by many was Mrs. Kallenbach. Mrs. Kallenbach teaches AP United States History, Government, Psychology, and Economics. When told that people would vote her for president she said,

“First of all, that would be an awful job, but I am honored that people think I would be good at it. I just don’t know if I have enough time.”

It’s safe to say that there are some bright minds within our walls who have some presidential potential.

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