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Students celebrate Spring break in variety of ways, travel resumes for some

Many students traveled over Spring break and experienced life similar to the way it was before COVID-19. States across the country have started to reopen.

¨I went to Kansas City and my favorite thing I did there was go to Top Golf. I enjoyed getting out of Andover and getting a break from assignments,¨ sophomore Jarret Steward said.

Students travelled to many nearby states like Texas.

“My favorite memory from going to Dallas over spring break was my dad going into emergency mode because it was really funny,” freshman Mitchell Batcheller said.

Mask mandates are still in place across much of the country, including the Kansas City area. “Going to Kansas City was kinda weird because everyone was wearing masks and there were a lot of precautions but I still had a lot of fun,” sophomore Carson Crusinberry said.

Some students went on tropical vacations and got to relax on the beach.

“It was really cool getting to travel to Mexico and my favorite memory was going to the beach,” freshman Katie Engle said.

COVID-19 caused some students to stay home and just hang out with their friends over spring break.

“Over spring break I continued to swim everyday and I hung out with my friends a lot. The weather was nice enough to go fishing too, but I didn’t catch anything,” junior Lucas Krueger said.

Over spring break students used their time off to travel or hang out with friends. Many students stayed close and went to Kansas City, while others traveled all the way to Mexico or Texas. Travel will continue to increase as precautions and man-dates are ended.

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