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Students formulate resolutions for new year

2020 has been a historic year. People everywhere experienced the difficulties of this year in various ways. The only thing to be done with this year is to remember and heal by moving forward. While reflecting on the hardships of this year, students found

comfort in looking to the future.

“I think that I am most excited for the recruitment dead period for D1 soccer to end in January. I hopefully will be committing within 2021. I look forward to playing this season and strengthening my skills further,” junior Campbell Corini said.

Some were eager to take what they learned this year and use it for good in the years to come.

“The most difficult part of this year was dealing with plans falling through. It was really

difficult and annoying. In 2021, I will mentally prepare myself for unexpected changes

whenever I am making decisions or plans. Overall, I see myself just being more prepared in all aspects of life,” senior Chad Tabor said.

While plans and trips are difficult to solidify currently, others look to stay positive for a return to somewhat normalcy by thinking ahead anyway.

“I know that 2021 is still up in the air, but I am looking

orward to going on trips with my family again. We like to travel and this

year was difficult because we didn’t get that experience.

I am really looking forward to getting to go to cool places again,” sophomore

Cameron Strickland said.

It is agreed that 2020 was a tough year, but there is always hope in the future. With the release of a vaccine underway, 2021 should bring back many of the activities that were lost to this year. It feels as though the end is near. 2021 looks hopeful and will offer a new beginning for everyone.

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