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Students secure virtual reality funding, begin interactive projects

For many years virtual reality has been touted as the “technology of the future”. With its vast uses, and recent increase in attainability, this technology has made its way into many industries. This year, following a grant application by senior Chad Tabor along with class of 2020 grad-uates Emmett Rech, Gage Terrell, and Donovan Gray, ACHS has incorporated virtual reality development into its computer coding curriculum.

The proposal to the Andover Advantage Foundation was requesting funding for a computer to run the virtual reality headset, as well as funding for the headset itself.

“We plan on using the software to explore the capabilities of VR using the game design engine Unity,” senior Chad Tabor said.

The original grant was attained in late 2019, and since the funding was received, he has continued research and development on VR environments.

“As of now we have created a VR bowling alley and a small forest environment for the user to explore,” Tabor explained. “My favorite part so far has been seeing my progress in the VR headset, and just experiencing VR itself!”

With the research and work of Tabor and his peers, VR programming is sure to become a staple of the video game programming classes at ACHS moving forward.

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