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Suicide Awareness Month

Mental health is an important topic to discuss, and the month of September is Suicide Prevention Month. The ways of healing are different for everyone, and when they are we should try and help others as much as we can. Teenagers are in a stressful part of their life and it is full of change and uncertainty. “I think high schoolers and fragile adolescents, in general, are super prone to suicide because we’re all trying to figure out who we are,” senior Anoushka Raju said. There is a major stigma about talking about suicide, and it is important to know how to talk to someone and help them if they are going through a tough situation, many may need a helping hand in times of need. “You don’t have any experience at our age yet to come to yourself and to have these thoughts to think how to deal with it or how to fix it, or maybe you don’t have proper mental health care access,” senior Alex Ritter said. There are many easy ways to seek help, finding someone you trust, whether it is a peer or an adult, is a great start. Healing comes in many different ways for all of us. “Asking for help, going to therapy, dealing with mental ilness, then the better shot we have at preventing suicide,” psychology teacher Nicole Kallenbach said. Mental health is a serious matter in which everyone should be informed of. Take this month to learn more so you can help yourself and others. Don’t be afraid to seek help from trusted teachers or counselors. You can also call the suicide hotline number at 800-273-8255. Know that you are loved and cared about deeply.

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