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Surviving V-Day

Valentine's Day is

celebrated globally and is a time to show loved ones and significant others appreciation. Many celebrate by giving boxes of chocolates to their loved ones. However, many people find themselves alone on Valentine's day, so the Spotlight staff asked for students' input on how they spend their Valentine's Day.

Many students believe that Valentine's day can be expensive and a waste of money.

“Sometimes it makes me sad that I’m not in a relationship, but then I'm like I'm single and a boss and I don't have to spend my money on someone,'' senior Anna Strickland said.

It is okay to not be in a relationship and find activities to do while alone.

“I don't really care when people post their relationships and I love taking a shower when I am alone. Also PDA is bad,” senior Dawson Howard said.

Music can be used as an outlet for many students when they feel lonely or upset.

“I have a lot of Valentine's Day options in my Snapchat and when I am lonely I love listening to Van Halen rock music,” freshman Brady Harman said.

Some students with Valentine's still offered advice for those without them.

“I have a Valentine and my advice for people that are lonely is to just wait because eventually you will find someone who you love,” junior Bella Benage said.

Hanging out with friends helped students cope with Valentine's Day blues.

“When I see online relationships I just hope that that will one day be me. But for now, I love hanging out with my friends when I am alone. Also if you are also lonely on Valentine’s day hit me up, so we can all party together,” sophomore Haven Deckinger said.

Some students collaborated to play games to distract each other.

“I think online relationships are stupid and never work out and I

always remember that all of my friends are lonely so I can just sit at home and play video games with the boys on Valentine’s day,” freshman Caedmon Shann said.

Surviving Valentine's day can be done easily through hanging out with friends and not taking what you see on social media too seriously.

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