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Teacher of the Month: Mr. Brittan

In the past, Spotlight has created a “Shoutout” page to promote teachers and students for their hard work and competence both in and out of the classroom. This year, Spotlight chose to carry on that tradition in a new light with a “teacher of the month” feature. This new tradition will be repeated monthly as students select their favorite teacher and explain why. For our very first issue, the students have voted Mr Brittain, as the star teacher.

Brittain teaches General Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and AP Chemistry. He has taught for six years, four of them at Central. While the classes are difficult, the students love having him as a teacher.

“Mr Brittain is always super sweet when I have questions in AP Chem, and he always gives us labs that make chemistry really fun even when the material is complicated,” junior Celena Glaghassi said.

“Brittain is a teacher who always helps out his students when they need it. He’s very supportive and answers questions and he is a very calm yet enthusiastic teacher,” sophomore Bradley Wirths said.

Not only do the students love Mr Brittain, but Mr Brittain loves his students.

“My favorite part of teaching is being able to joke around and interact with students. This makes my job a lot more fun and hopefully makes my classes a lot more enjoyable,” said Brittain.

On behalf of our school and the newspaper staff, we want to thank Mr Brittain for all he has done for us and we appreciate his hard work! We can’t wait to see who our next teacher is!

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