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The Little Mermaid play

The school auditorium was transformed into a magical underwater world as the theater program performed a matinee for our student body. The theater department performed “The Little Mermaid”, a Disney classic. Ariel was played by senior Abby Hoglen, Prince Eric was played by junior Noah Sickman, and Sebastian was played by senior Gage Patty.

Many students were excited to support their friends and peers.

“I was so excited to see my friend Abby

Hoglen perform and see all of the hard work theatre has put into the show to make it come to life,” senior Anna Strickland said.

The hard work paid off when the musical was brought to life and all the pieces were brought together.

“I loved watching the matinee. It was just like the movie but better, '' junior Baxter Berry said.

There were a lot of funny scenes in the matinee that the students enjoyed.

“It was really good and I liked the part when the crab ran away from the chef,” freshman Caedmon Shann said.

Many students were glad that they were given the opportunity to watch it during class and support their fellow classmates.

“The play was super interesting and funny. I am super glad that I could go watch it during school,” freshman Cole Newfarmer said.

It took countless hours for the thespians to make costumes and sets. All of the costumes and sets were handmade by the cast, crew, and volunteers.

“I think that it was a very good play and I liked the actors and sets and the props were overall good,” freshman Sophia Bankston said.

Throughout the musical, different voices shone and the acting from the cast was

impressive to many watching the performance,

“The play was very well put together and there was superb acting and singing from all of the cast,” freshman Lilian Spurlock said.

Students enjoyed the humor and performances by all the thespians. Many even saw the musical again over the weekend of November 19-20. With all the hard work and dedication put into Disney's "The Little Mermaid", the student body applaudes the

theater department.

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