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The return of students from break

After two not so long weeks off of school for winter break it can be hard to go back, and get into a school routine again. Students go from sleeping in, eating whenever they want, and getting to wear pajamas around the house, but when reality hits and students come back it can be a drastic altercation, even if it is only two weeks.

After a long and relaxing two weeks off of school, students look forward to seeing friends and teachers. Many are excited, others want to turn around and go back home.

“I was nervous because I wasn't sure how the first day was going to go with my new schedule and new people in my classes,” sophomore Ella Randolph said.

The second semester can be so different for some. Many are excited to push for the last day of school, when others want to give up because they are too tired for the first semester.

“The second semester especially is a difficult semester for most people. The end of the school year is near and they’ll do anything to get out of work as long as they keep their good grades. So to help me I try to avoid the second semester syndrome as much as possible,” senior Ethan Nichols said.

Those two weeks have more of an impact than many might think. A simple misconception is we might be going back to the same place, but it's a different routine and a different mood with everyone around the school. It seems to affect the students at Andover Centrl a lot to come back to school after winter break.

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