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Theatre Performs In-Person Once Again after year hiatus

Following the shutdown of all in-person schooling in Spring of 2020, the ACHS Theatre Department was forced to cancel their spring show as a result of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with more knowledge being gained over the summer and fall surrounding this virus, the department is looking forward to hosting their first full-length, in person performance since the Fall of 2019.

For their spring show this year, the department will be performing Radium Girls, the story of scientist Grace Fryer suing the U.S. Radium Corporation for knowingly endangering her and other lab workers.

“The story is about Grace fighting both the company, and the illness she struggles with as a result of the work she did,” junior Grace Schafer said. “Many of the workers in factories that used radium would get exposed while working, and this led to horrible cases of Radium poisoning in many cases.”

Schaefer is playing female lead Grace Fryer, accompanied by Junior Mila Capehart and Sophomore Brooklyn Fleske, portraying female leads Irene Rudolph and Kathryn Schaub, respectively.

The men of the US Radium Corporation are led by Senior Joe Little who is playing male lead Arthur Roeder, president of the US Radium Corporation. Little is accompanied by fellow male leads Senior Jackson Boyle, portraying Edward Markley, and Junior Viggo Shafer, portraying C.B. “Charlie” Lee.

The department performed Radium Girls the weekend of April 16th, and tickets were available to students through reservations through the front office.

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