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Top 5 trends in 2021

Although 2021 was filled with great fashion and crazy trends it also came with bad trends. Yes, there are debates and different opinions on what you could call a good or bad trend, but these seriously are some of 2021’s worst trends.

To start it off, we have the stack box crate challenge. In this challenge, people would stack up crates and try to walk on them, however this resulted in many failures. Many people would stack the crates way too high to the point where they could be critically injured as a result if they fell. Secondly, we have the saying “sheesh'' or doing the action. At first, this trend was alright, but as it continued on people found it cringe and wanted to end this trend right away. Thirdly, we have an excessive layering of clothing. On Tik Tok, people who went to NYC fashion school would show how they would layer their clothes and they would do it cutely. Eventually, it got to the point where people would layer an excessive amount to where it was not needed to layer anymore. Next, you have when Tik Tokers would be in movies and try to act, or when they all started making music. The worst of them was Addison Rae acting in the movie “He’s All That”. Multiple people had some hate towards that movie and got second-hand embarrassment from it. Lastly, people would dry scoop pre-workout before their workouts. This caused a lot of people to end up in the hospital because their hearts bpm skyrocketed immediately. It can also cause individuals to have difficulty breathing and have heart issues later on in life.

Overall, 2021 had its good moments, but it also had the bad and those bad trends and moments made 2021 the year that it was. Everyone is looking forward to the best and worst trends that 2022 has to offer.

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