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Top Gifts in 2021

Some people instantly think of presents when thinking about the holiday season. Andover Central High School is no exception to this logic. 133 students were polled on their top gift choice. There were four options available to choose from. They were electronics, clothing, money, and a trip somewhere. The results were 35 percent clothing, 33 percent money, 21 percent electronics, and eleven percent voted for a trip somewhere in the world.

Many students asked for shoes for Christmas.

“I want to receive some red Jordans to up my shoe game before I move to college for second semester at OU,” senior Ellie Geoffroy said.

Some students requested objects for outdoor activities.

“I want a skateboard for Christmas because they are really cool, and I kind of want to try that aesthetic,” senior Dakota Zimmerman said.

Now that concerts are happening again, some students requested concert tickets.

“I want some Jordan ones and a new radio for my car because I broke it. I also want an apple watch and I really want to go to a Lil Baby concert because he is the greatest of all time,” junior Chance Gulley said.

Seniors added goodies for college onto their Christmas list.

“I am wanting a single cup coffee maker to go off to college because I am a caffeine addict,” senior Faith Scaglione said.

Comfortable lounge-wear was requested by many students for Christmas.

“I would love to get sweats and hoodies for Christmas because they are super

comfortable,” freshman Kailey Davis said.

Some students put gifts on their list that would enhance their rooms.

“I want my room to get remodeled for Christmas because I just moved here and it is boring right now,” freshman Madeline Saye said.

Electronics were also highly requested by students.

“I would love a macbook for Christmas so that I can have a nice computer to complete all of my schoolwork on and play games on,” sophomore Mason

Williams said.

Some students asked for accessories for Christmas.

“I really want some more baseball caps for Christmas along with fuzzy Hey-Dude shoes,” freshman Caedmon said.

Overall there is a wide range of objects that were put on students’ Christmas lists. Students top gifts included clothes, money, electronics, and a trip somewhere.

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