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Willow Deckinger

Even though Willow Deckinger has had setbacks in her season last year, she is returning better than ever in her senior season. The team has had close to half their games and is playing extremely well. Willow’s love for sports started at a young age. Her parents encouraged her siblings to go out for different sports when they were younger, and she started playing volleyball in the sixth grade. Willow shows extreme gratitude to her parents for motivating her to play volleyball.

“My parents initially inspired me to start playing, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” said Senior Willow Deckinger Deckinger first fell in love with volleyball when she first stepped on the court.“The volleyball team plans to go undefeated in the league for the second year. We also plan to be at least top five in the State tournament.” Deckinger said. Volleyball has taught all the players how to become a team player, be confident, never settle, and so much more. Willow specifically has received multiple rewarding awards and recognitions, but she is most proud of being in the running for the top 24 All-American players this year.

Plans to continue playing volleyball in college. “I don’t want to leave my senior year with any regrets and end on a good note with some of her favorite teammates,” Deckinger said. The Volleyball team has started playing and is doing excellent in their season. Willow is dreading the end of the season, which will also be the end of an era. Willow was asked what she would miss the most after this season, “I will miss the team and bonds made over the last four years. I think I will miss the memories the most.” Deckinger answered. Willow is ready for what this season has to offer and can’t wait for what volleyball has in store for her!

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