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Young Life is a youth group based throughout the entire country, and Andover is fortunate enough to have its very own program. This program is not one offered by the school, however it strongly encourages students to attend. Young Life is a Christian youth group that has over 370,000 students involved across the country , as well as thousands of volunteers and group leaders that direct students through their journey in growing their faith.

The Young Life program is open to all high school students, with weekly clubs every Monday at 7:27, signifying the bible verse Mathew 7:27. The program also offers various camp retreats during the year.

“A typical Young Life club usually starts with energetic games, singing fun songs about worship, and then there is a club talk, where we talk about God. After the talk we usually socialize, do raffle, and go home. Club is super interesting and I would definitely recommend it to people who are interested because it is a very fun and welcoming environment,” junior Alli Fisher said.

There are also exciting special themed clubs offered throughout the year including: Color Chaos, Volleyball club, Mr. Christmas Tree, Halloween Costume club, Barn club and Galentines/Basketball.

“I am obviously looking forward to barn club the most because of the energy and how many people end up going,” senior Landen Collinsworth said.

Students at our school are very passionate about this program and enjoy the relationship they are able to form with their peers.

“Younglife means being able to grow your relationship with Christ while being surrounded by friends and leaders who are pouring into you,” sophomore Kennedy Archibald said.

For those considering attending, Young Life is definitely a program to get involved in if you want to grow your faith and relationship with God.

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