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JV Volleyball learns valuable lessons

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The 2017 JV Volleyball team has had a season full of learning. Most of the players have been coached by the same coach (Nicole Kallenbach) for 2 years, so the player-coach connection is very strong.

“The season has been really fun. We are getting better as a team as the season goes on. We have started to come together as a team more and have more fun.” said Briauan Young, sophomore hitter.

The team has learned when the time to have fun is and when to focus in, so they’re able to improve.

“Throughout the season, we have grown as a team. Everyone is comfortable with one another, so we have got better at communicating while on the court. We do not let as many balls drop now since we’ve got so much better at talking.” said Avery Naipohn, sophomore libero.

The players are not the only people who have noticed an improved with the team chemistry.

“It has been a fun season with great girls willing to work together and work hard.” said Nicole Kallenbach, volleyball coach and history teacher.

Kallenbach, who was the freshmen coach last year moved up to coach the JV volleyball team.

“It has been a lot of fun getting the chance to change lineups and make adjustments each week. Our team has handled adversity throughout the season and we are looking to finish strong.” said Kallenbach.

Most of the students-athletes that played freshmen volleyball last year have moved up with Kallenbach.

“Coach Kallenbach is a fantastic coach. She really pays attention to details and very uplifting. She has been a big part of helping our team grow.” said Naipohn.

The JV volleyball team have two more regular against Ark City High School and Derby High School at Ark City and one end of the season tournament at Valley Center High School. They look to finish the season strong.

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JV Volleyball learns valuable lessons