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Bowling knocks over competition throughout season

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The ball is at the end of the lane for the bowling team this season.

With all competitions complete, senior John Meinecke, who bowled for the first time this season, felt that the ending of the season was a bit of a disappointment.

“It was kind of a letdown,” Meinecke said. “We had high hopes of taking state, but we underperformed.”

The regular season, however, featured repeated good performances from the team.

“We dominated the regular season,” Meinecke said.

Looking back on the season, Meinecke liked the way it went overall, despite the ending.

“We had a lot of fun the whole time,” Meinecke said.

The team of 26 competed in 11 tournaments in the duration of the season.

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Bowling knocks over competition throughout season