Wrestlers look to improve throughout season


Ella Boozer

Tate Forcella, senior, squares off against an opponent at Augusta.

The Jags wrestling season started off as a season to improve.
“Were getting better every week, we got a lot of kids on the team, got a lot of freshmen, even some of the upperclassmen don’t have any experience or have much wrestling knowledge because they haven’t done it before,” Head wrestling coach Chris Saferite said.
The team hasn’t won a dual, but looked for the year to be good practice.
“Were young and inexperienced and we haven’t won a dual yet, I think three duals left and I hope we can go out and give ourselves a chance to compete. Right now I tell the guys it’s not about winning and losing, it’s more about gaining experience, especially for the younger guys looking forward to the future,” Saferite said.
The team Newton meet that notoriously hard competition.
“Newton, by far has been our hardest meet. It has the top 6a teams, top 5a teams, it’s just though all the way across the board,” Saferite said.
Senior wrestler Tate Forcella agrees.
“Newton is about as hard, if not harder than state. I think it helped us gauge what wrestling against really good wrestlers looks like,” Forcella said.
The team looks to be contenders at the upcoming Regional tournament later in the season.
“Over all the teams been improving a lot. Everyone is pushing themselves so they can get better for the regional tournament which is in a few weeks. Coachings been great, they have been helping me especially with certain parts of my technique and making sure each part of me is ready,” Forcella said.
The team’s next dual is Thursday, January 30th against Andover at Andover Central.