JV teams see success

The boys JV started out the season 8-0. So far they breezed by every team. Except one team, the Trojans. On Tuesday, January 14 the two teams went at it. The Jags were up by 11 at the half, heading into the fourth quarter they were only up 7. With the Jags scoring less in the third and fourth they were still able to hang for the 65-60 win over the Trojans. The leading scorer of this game was Skyler Clevenger, sophomore point guard. Clevenger is leading this years team with 15.9 points per game.
“It was great to be able to go out there and get that win against our rival. There was so much support that game from students and parents. I have never seen a JV game that packed” Clevenger said.
One part of the Jags success comes from its supporters. The team has its own JV student section.
“They always show up and get us going. It makes me feel like I have to perform better when they are there because we don’t want to let them down, I would say the rest of the team agrees with that,” Kamden Wilson, sophomore shooting forward said.
The JV annual tournament is coming up Saturday, February 1. There will be four teams in this tournament. Winners go to the championship.
“Last year was great to go out and win the tournament, but we are really focusing to go out and win it back to back” Kyren Parrot, junior point guard.
The tournament will be held at Andover Central. Derby, Circle, and Rose Hill will attend.

The Jags JV girls basketball is half-way through the season with only one loss, which came off of a buzzer beater to Goddard Eisenhower. They currently have a winning percentage of .875, with a record of 7-1.
“It was tough losing on a buzzer beater, but whatever happens happens. Overall we have had a great season so far. I’m very proud of our team and how well we have worked together,” sophomore Jenna Lambertz said.
Lady Jags are led by sophomore Kellyn Rogers with 12 PPG.
“I give credit to our coaches and teammates for helping me score 12 PPG. We move the ball really well, and that is why we are such a good team. We have been playing really well lately, I am so proud and happy to be apart of this team. I look forward to practice everyday, so we can get better and have more fun. ” sophomore Kellyn Rogers said.
The lady Jags get help from their varsity team as well. Sophomore Brayden Wheatley has been a big part of the lady Jags success. She is the team’s leading rebounder with 8 RPG.
“I like doing whatever I can to help this team win, and rebounding is one of them. I will continue to rebound and do whatever they need me to do,” sophomore Brayden Wheatley said.
The lady Jags are just getting started with big wins such as beating cross town rival Andover.