Girls dominate sub-state


Ella Boozer

The girls team celebrate after defeating Goddard in the sub-state tournament.

The girls’ team rolled through the competition, winning by an average margin of 28.5, in their sub-state tournament. They qualified for the state tournament.
Bailey Wilborn, junior guard, was the second leading scorer over the course of the tournament and thought they will be able to make a run at the championship.
“We stuck to our plan, kept a positive attitude, and made sure to always support each other. We kept our trust in each other too. If we want to be state champions, we have to stay close to each other and keep supporting one another, and have to focus one game at a time,” she said.
The leading scorer during the sub-state tournament, Brittany Harsharw, sophomore forward, believed there are things they needed to be successful as the state tournament approaches.
“We need to continue to work hard and stay focused. We have to have good defense, communication, and play with energy,” she said.
Brayden Wheatley, sophomore forward, gave credit to their teamwork and ball movement for their success in the sub-state tournament.
“We had a really good sub-state tournament that really got us prepared for state. We moved the ball really well, talked on defense, and got people open for big shots and we were hitting them. We always try to aim higher, but we had a good tournament and I’m looking forward to state,” she said.
The girls are the two seed in the state tournament. Their first game will be Thursday March 8, 2020 vs. seven seed DeSoto at ^:30 in Emporia.