Spring Sports kick off

With winter sports postseason wrapping up, many athletes and coaches begin spring sports practice. Coaches kick off practices with light reps and warm ups to get their players back into season form.
“Getting the kids in, getting them back into shape, getting their arms back in shape. Drill, drill, drill, fundamental, fundamental, just trying to put the puzzle together and see what the [starting] lineup gonna be and trying a lot of kids at a lot of different stuff that their gonna have to do some different things than what they have done in the past so because we’re gonna have a lot of spots open. It’s gonna be a dog eat dog world to try to fight for those spots,¨ head softball coach Rita Frakes said.
First year head coach Aren Coppoc manages his new team with increased numbers from last year’s team.
“We have been getting our athletes back into running and sprinting shape. Our throwers have been doing a lot in the weight room and getting good throwing reps in. This season we have quite a few more people than last year so we are trying to figure out how to still get great practices with more people on the team,” Coppoc said.
Girls and boys swim coach Allison Craig plans on changing the practice schedule to make her team more competitive.
“We’re doing a lot of basic training right now focusing on technique, half the team have not swam before so I’m trying to build up team comradery and focus on the basics of swimming before the first meet. The girls last year only practiced four days a week and had shorter practices and I’m requiring five days of practice a week and slightly longer practices hoping that that will build up their endurance and we can have a better representation at State this year,” Craig said.
Coaches are trying to improve their techniques and have successful seasons.
“We always try to do better and find the things that didn’t work and try to make them better. We try to expect a little more out of our kids and we’re gonna have to have some great leadership and just know that we can always do better and always have things we can improve on. You can’t get lackadaisical in what you do coaching or playing,” Frakes said.
Sporting events begin after spring break for all spring sports.