Richardson to step into Herrmann’s shoes


New head basketball coach Tyler Richardson

On March 12, news of longtime Andover Central head coach Jesse Herrmann resigning as head coach spread like wildfire. The news was a surprise to some, considering Herrmann won a 5A State title the previous year. However, on April 22, the new head coach was announced. Tyler Richardson was named to be head coach. Richardson was an assistant at Heights for fifteen years where he won four 6A State titles and one 5A state titles and has taught at Andover Central Middle school for eight years.
“My first thought [when Herrmann resigned] was WOW! He’s been so successful in his career. To think of him not coming back next season after all these years seemed unreal. My second thought was that I gotta go for it! I always told myself that I would go for the head coaching position at Andover Central if it opened up,” Richardson said.
After his years as an assistant coach, Richardson always looked forward to being able to truly lead a program.
“Since the first game that I ever coached, I always wanted to be a head coach and run my own program. Seeing your players’ hard work pay off, and seeing the look in their eyes when it happens, is a priceless feeling. I love working with kids. That is why I became a teacher,” he said. “Year by year as an assistant, my hunger for becoming a head coach grew more and more. As an assistant, you think of all of the things that you would like to do if you were in that head coaching position.”
Although the team is losing nine experienced seniors, JV and the freshman teams successful past season raise optimism and excitement for Richardson.
“The winning culture ran throughout the program from top to bottom. One of the biggest pluses for me is that I know almost all of the players because I had them in class at some point in middle school. That is huge coming in as the new coach. Building those relationships is the biggest piece of the puzzle. Already having a head start on that makes this process that much smoother for all of us,” Richardson said.
Taking on the job of a program with a successful history, pressure to succeed comes with that.
“I don’t know if I would call it pressure. I take it more as a challenge. One that I am excited to take on. One that will motivate me daily to become a better coach. What Coach Herrmann has done at Andover Central has been inspirational to say the least. He’s been the only coach that the school has had, and he’s been quite successful at it. Those are some major shoes to fill. You don’t want to be the guy that comes in and struggles to continue such great success,” Richardson said.
Richardson and Andover Central each have a successful history, which makes Richardson a great fit to continue building the program.