Fall sports still up in the air

Sports are an important part of the high school experience, however after the recent cancellation of spring sports many are concerned at the possibility of fall sports not being played at all.
“I know that KSHSAA has been talking about options. I have had general conversations with other athletic directors of how devastating it would be, but until we get some direction from the state (governor), the Butler County Health Department, the district overall, it is a wild guess,” Athletic Director Doug Carr said.
Athletes are on edge as they wait for final decisions to be made.
“I look forward to football all year. If it ended up being canceled I would feel like my senior year would be ruined,” junior Chase White said.
As with many professional sports, the possibility of athletics continuing without fans and students able to attend is a possibility.
“We just purchased the NFHS Pixellot camera system so all activities in the A gym and on the new stadium field will be able to be viewed through streaming. This is not what I want and wasn’t a reaction to the COVID 19 issue as we had made plans to purchase the system back in late January. The gym A camera is already installed and the stadium camera will be installed once the press box is done,” Carr said.
“I would be okay with playing fall sports without fans. It obviously would hurt the atmosphere but I’d rather play with no fans than not play at all,” freshman Nick Canova said.
As administration and KSHSAA work together, the primary focus is student safety.
“I understand why there may be a chance of sports being canceled. Even though I really enjoy playing fall sports I think we should be careful not to rush into large groups again,” junior Shauna Lee said.
Currently all athletic summer camps and conditionings are set to begin as scheduled.