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National Honors Society provides students with beneficial opportunities

Grace Pool, Spotline Staff Writer

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National Honors Society (NHS) is a club that challenges students to do more in their community, school, and even their own homes. To be inducted into the prestigious club, there are many requirements a student must meet to apply. Some of these requirements include obtaining a leadership position, completing forty hours of community service, and getting good teacher recommendations.

Shown by these prerequisites, the club takes time inside and outside of school, and is very time demanding as well as academically challenging The club also has a minimum GPA requirement. NHS is only offered to upperclassmen, which adds even more stress to busy schedules and hard classes.

“I think the club is very beneficial when it comes to volunteering and having a group of people that are involved in the same things you are,” junior Morgan Herrmann said, “That’s one of the main reasons that I applied in the first place.”

The club is a good resume builder and shows colleges that students are accustomed to being held at a higher standard. It also shows colleges that students are involved in the community, school, and genuinely want to make their environments a better place.

“I think joining NHS makes me a better applicant for colleges because being a part of a selective club helps me stand out on applications,” Herrmann said, “It definitely gets me more volunteer hours than I would have without the club, it’s definitely a good organization.”

NHS and its benefits force students to work harder, be held to a higher standard, and do things that may be outside of their comfort zone. Many students who are shy are quickly broken out of their shell considering they have to work with adults and strangers within their community, which enhances communicative skills and doing something that benefits others and not just themselves.

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National Honors Society provides students with beneficial opportunities