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The school sponsors sixteen sports for students and provides awards to every member who proves to be outstanding; however, this leaves out all students who demonstrate excellence in sports outside of school. One of these students is Sophie Scrivner, and her sport is gymnastics.
Scrivner competed in the level nine Western National competition from April 28-30 in Boise, Idaho. Youth gymnastics runs on a ten level system with ten being the most competitive and one being the least. In the second hardest level, she placed first in vault, fifth on bars, and eighth overall.
“I’ve been doing it (gymnastics) for a really long time, and I keep doing it because I love the challenge and you have to force yourself to get better and keep improving all the time. If you want to be the best, you can. I love that about it and it’s also fun and exciting,” Scrivner said.
Scrivner, who, is a veteran gymnast has been competing for 10 years.
“I’ve been actually competing for ten years. My mom coached in a small gym in Arizona, and when I was small, she used to take me to classes. I would just play around in the gym, and then I fell in love with it. Of course I took classes, but I’ve actually competed for about ten years,” she said.
Scrivner plans to continue competing and hopefully make it back to Nationals next year.

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