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Students Enjoy Summer Vacation

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Summer serves as an opportunity to not only take a break from the chaos of high school, but it is a way for students to take the time to travel away from home.
“It’s a time when you have the chance to take some time for yourself away from the stress of school,” junior Erica Bush said, “I went to Texas for six weeks and got to be with my family the whole time and that was really special.”
The vacation time gave junior Austin Jordan a reason to visit family.
“I went down to Arkansas to visit family on their farm and then I traveled to Branson to visit my grandfather, and it was a good time to relax and catch up with everybody,” Jordan said.
Along with visiting family, students went to different places for recreation. Sophomore McKenzie Cessop traveled to Alaska for vacation.
“While in Alaska, we went to a lot of local places and toured around. We also went whale watching, and we saw bears pretty frequently and that was really cool to experience,” Cessop said.
Three months away from school served as the perfect time for churches to go on mission trips. Service in Chicago filled the majority of junior Hannah Wiebe’s time.
“I went [to Chicago] on a mission trip with my church. We did community outreach like building a shed for a couple. We also did a community cook-out at a local church to bring the people together,” Wiebe said.

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Students Enjoy Summer Vacation