Theatre dept. puts on One Acts

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After a successful musical production of Annie, the theatre department plans to hold one act plays on January 31, in the Andover Central auditorium at 7 pm.
Director, Alexandra Schumann, has spent the last three years acting in one act plays and now gets an opportunity to take control of the production.
“I think I really enjoy directing as a senior because it has given me a new perspective on how much work it takes to put a show together even for a short play. My partner Allison Uhlenhop and I have been making playlists, blocking, planning tech, and it has turned into a lot of fine pieces that end up being a director’s decision that I never noticed would affect the actors so much,” Schumann said.
The one acts have become something that Schumann has found a passion for being able to create something unique and personal to herself.
“I like doing this a little bit better right now because I get to be proud of something, I get to lead something, and now I get to see it all put together,” Schumann said.
Before being allowed to become a director, theatre students spend their freshman, sophomore, and junior years acting in these plays, much like junior, Ashley Zellers.
“I am in two one acts this year. One is called “That’s Not How I Remember It”, which is a retold story of how two parents met. I get to play the mom and the husband I act with is Gage Patty. I just think it is going to be super funny and a lot of people are going to enjoy it,” Zellers said.
Underclassmen such as Juliana Gerretson plan to attend the one acts in their free time to support peers.
“I’m mainly excited to go to the one act plays because I think it is really cool that they are all student led which I feel like will be super easy to relate to and understand,” Gerretson said.
For $5, the theatre department is selling tickets inviting students and their families to come enjoy the atmosphere created by the one act plays.

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