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Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is the hobby of getting together with your friends, drafting players from any NFL team, and traversing the season with your selected players trying to score the most points from week to week. Some leagues have a pot and the winner claims all the money, some leagues force the loser do a punishment, and some leagues just play for fun.

Students gather together before the NFL season starts to draft players for their teams. A lot of students make it a big event.

“We all went to someone in our league’s house one night and ordered two huge

pizzas from AJ’s and drafted our teams on the app. It was so much fun, the draft is

definitely the best part of the fantasy

experience because you get together with all your friends and you may not do that again the rest of the season,” senior Lucas Krueger said.

Some students enjoy the inconsistency of fantasy football and the challenge of trying to predict which players will be successful any given week.

“I enjoy how hard it is to try to tell which players will be good each week and trying to decide which players to play and which to keep on your bench. I feel like I’m unlucky and never guess that right. Our draft was also really fun because my league dressed up like real NFL General Managers and treated it like a real NFL Draft,” junior Mason Sanchez said.

The NFL season began on September 12, 2021 and the winners of fantasy football leagues will be crowned after the conclusion of NFL Week 18 on January 9, 2022.

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