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Introducing Fall Sports

As the school year ramps up, athletics are in full swing. Fall sports this year include, Football, Boys Soccer, Cross Country, Girls Golf, Girls Tennis and Girls Volleyball.

This year's soccer team has high expectations. Soccer captains this year are Nate Stephens and Cooper Carman. As of right now, the team is doing well so far, with a current winning record and high attendance for games. “We have a lot of seniors this year so that definitely helps, and most of our starting line-up is upperclassmen except for two so, that's good,” junior Sawyer McAluise said.

The football team is looking promising this year as well. With an undefeated record, it’s hard for students to not be excited about attending games. “ I think it will look good. We're already 3-0 on the season. We practice really hard during practice, working hard on every drill, and it's really showing on the field,” senior Tommy Claar said.

The tennis team has been working hard and helping each other, and it seems as if they are doing pretty well so far. “I feel as if the season is sadly moving incredibly fast, but I am loving every bit of it. While the season is continuing on, we are all working on our game, building the team, and making even more amazing memories,” senior Jayda Graham said.

Cross Country has been doing well this year with new coaches, Travis Thayer and Chris Burnett.

“I think they both have a lot of experience and they know what they are doing, they are pushing us a lot harder this season and it has been paying off,” junior Izzy Dempsey said. Some of the top runners on the team this year are Ethan Finney, Tinley Sims. The team seems to be doing really well with their new coaches and are comfortable with their coaching methods.

Our golf team this season has made some improvements from last year and they are working hard to get better each practice. “I think that the bonds between our teammates will grow as we get to know each other more, and hopefully our skill will increase due to practice,” senior Ella Randolph said. They seem to have some talent coming back from last year trying to improve and gain more skill. Hopefully they all grow according to how much time they have practiced. The volleyball team this year has had some good opponents so far throughout the season and they have pushed through. “The team is pretty good this year and we have a lot of potential to be even better one day,” sophomore Megan Smart said. The girls have adjusted to the new players this season and have been doing great so far.

We are thrilled to have new coaches join our school, and see the teams improve as the season progresses!

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