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Wichita State's Gregg Marshall resigns

Wichita State mens basketball coach Gregg Marshall is under fire following allega-tions of abuse from former players. “Stadium” published an article following the investiga-tion into this alleged abuse that included interviews with over thirty former players and staff who played and worked under Marshall. Many of these individuals chose to remain anonymous. This investigation followed an eyebrow-raising seven transfers from last year’s team.

The allegations include: punching a former player, choking a former assistant, an altercation with a student-athlete from another sport, body-shaming his players, and making racially insensitive comments of the ethnicity of his players. Were these allegations just Marshall being a ‘tough coach’? Or was he being abusive to his players and staff?

Many former players have spoken out through Twitter about the allegations against Marshall. Some have voiced their support for him while others have confirmed these allegations. This lack of support from some former players leads to some belief that there could be some truth behind these accusations.

“I believe that these actions are real and I think it is a disgrace to college basketball. I see no reason why anyone would make this up so I believe the allegations are true,” junior, Leo Wurth said.

The investigation being conducted by Wichita State is still occurring. Junior Kellyn Rogers believes there are two sides to every story and trusts the university’s ability to find the truth.

“There are always two sides to every story. Unfortunately, the investigation is taking longer than expected, but I’m sure that whatever the outcome is, Wichita State Athletics will handle it properly and take the correct action,” Rogers said.

On November 17, Marshall resigned as the head coach after 13 seasons with Wichita State University. It is widely believed that Coach Isaac Brown, the current assistant coach, will assume Marshall’s position as interim coach.

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