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"Among Us" video game sees surge in popularity

"Among Us" is a multiplayer video game that has gained popularity in past months. Students explain the game and their preferences.

“Among Us is a murder mystery game where there are two imposters, among eight other players, who try to kill the rest of the player while nobody knows that they are the imposter. The game became popular in September this year when famous YouTubers started playing it and advertising it,” senior Caden Spooner said.

Players are randomly assigned a position, either crew member or imposter.

“Crew members run around and do tasks while also trying to find out who the imposter is. The imposter runs around, does tasks, and kills people, all while hiding their identity. I like to be a crew member better because it makes the game more fun because you get to find out who the imposter is!” senior Alyvia Moreno said.

Different modes are available, including a mode that randomly selects a team, and a mode that allows customized teams.

“Every time I have played it has been with my friends. Sometimes before games, the other cheerleaders and I will make a game and play on the bus. Along with that, if my friends and I are hanging out we will do that too. I prefer to play with my friends because I like to talk in person instead of using the chat option, and also because they are my friends so I think it makes the game more fun,” sophomore Tori Foust said.

Along with Foust, junior Jared Cromly enjoyed playing with friends and during free time.

“On away soccer games the team would get a game started with everyone on the team, and it was super fun. I started playing it almost daily in between classes and when I was home for the day,” Cromly said.

Tasks can be completed by crew members and imposters as the game plays out.

“Some of the tasks you can complete during the game are fixing wires, submitting a scan in medbay, and destroying asteroids. My favorite task would have to be doing trash because it can show the other crewmates that you are not the imposter,” sophomore Tessa Johnston said.

As the game gains popularity, participation around the school will likely increase as well. You can join the fun by downloading Among Us from the App Store or Google Play.

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