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Life in Quarantine: Hobbies, jobs, and activities that kept students busy during lockdown

As the COVID-19 virus made its way through the United States, many were in quarantine with nothing to do. Students began hobbies to keep themselves occupied.

“I picked up the hobby of baking during quarantine. After it was over, I still continued to bake because I ended up really liking it and thinking it was fun. I have made a lot of new things, and my family and friends really seem to love it as well because I am always making them new things to try!” sophomore Maddi Amekporfor said.

Some found the time to start something they knew they wanted to do.

“During the quarantine I started playing the guitar. I definitely saw myself learning to play the guitar at some point because I am a big country music fan and the extra time gave me the opportunity to start. I learned how to play alongside my best friend, Jack Bell, who already knew how to,” senior Easton Elliot said.

Other students participated in multiple hobbies to occupy time.

“With my free time I started to go on long distance runs. I started doing this with a group of friends and it was pretty fun and kept me in shape. This will help me in the long run because I participate in track. Along with running, I also started to online shop a lot. This, on the other hand, is less beneficial and makes me broke,” junior Amanda Ficken said.

Freshman Zaydie Ladner did not get around to try everything.

“I started to bake a lot during the quarantine because I had nothing else to do. I wanted to try meditation, but I procrastinated and never got around to it,” Ladner said.

For others, the extra time was used to engage in old hobbies and new experiences.

“I wouldn’t say I started a ‘new’ hobby, but because I had extra time, I read and worked

out a lot which are things I like to do, but don’t always have the

time for. Also, I got a job during quarantine which I enjoyed because it made me feel like I

was being productive with my extra time,” senior Kate Paulsen said.

Students used extra time to learn new things- even during their break from school.

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