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Students balance work, school during unusual year

Students work hard at school and outside of school at their jobs throughout the year. Maintaining a routine was hard for many students due to their busy schedules. However, they learned how to have good time management along with other useful skills they use at their jobs.

Remote days offered students time to finish assignments faster and gave the opportunity and time to work.

“It’s hard to have a good work schedule and to still keep my school work in order, but I try to work on my online days,” junior Jackson Rees said.It can be hard to fit work into the busy schedules of students, but it offers them something to do when they aren’t busy.

“It’s kind of hard getting hours in for work, since I also have cheer and tumbling, but it’s nice to be busy and always have something to look forward to after school is out,” sophomore Tori Foust said.

Many students have summer jobs to earn money since they are too busy during the school year.

“I love to work in the summer because it’s really fun, and I like all the people I work with and you get a nice tan along with good money,” junior Peter Domico said.

Students are sometimes lucky enough to get time off from work to do school assignments.

“Sometimes it gets hard to balance school and working because all of the assignments we have, but I just have to make sure I set time aside to do my work or tell my manager I need time for school work,” senior Mackenzie Scheidel said.

Students addressed that balancing work, school, and athletics can be challenging.

“I love working because I get money during the school year, but sometimes I have to be in rush mode a lot because of sports. I also have learned time management skills and how to handle my stress better due to working so much,” junior Amanda Ficken said.

Although having a job added to the schedules of many, some students found a good balance and took advantage of the hybrid schedule to get in hours and finish their school work. Students learned important skills like time management and dependabili-ty while working during the school year. Some students only have summer jobs due to their busy schedules during school, and many students found it difficult to work during the school year, but communicated with their managers and worked around their schedules.

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