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Students take advantage of newly completed greenhouse

As a part of the 2017 Bond issue, the addition of a greenhouse was built for the science department. The addition will bring fresh produce for culinary students to manipulate. John

Calabro, retired ACHS counselor and community volunteer, has volunteered to help grow plants in the greenhouse. The greenhouse uses advanced technology to keep the plants at the right temperature and help them live longer.

“This is all computerized. So on the wall there is a computer that controls the heating controls of the spring,” Calabro said.

Issues with maintaining the temperature and water supply presented challenges for students and volunteers.

“We used to get in a lot of trouble because we would have to run water all the time and they

didn’t have a floor drain,” Calabro said.

Growing produce required specific water in order to produce desired results.

“There has to be a certain pH. So most vegetable plants like acid water, and most of the

water that comes out of the tap is alkaline water,” Calabro said.

A variety of fruits and vegetables are grown in the greenhouse.

“We have a variety...marigolds and more peppers and tomatoes, and many flowers,” Calabro said.

The food being grown will be harvested by the culinary class. They will use it and help grow

the plants for a variety of dishes. Calabro has worked hard to help with the greenhouse. Students are thankful to him for sharing his knowledge of

produce. Culinary students will be able to harvest these crops soon and use

them in class.

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