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Bubble Tea

Sweet Pops

This was the first place choice out of all four boba places. The black sugar milk tea is just the right amount of sweetness, the boba consistency is perfect and not too tough. Overall, the boba from sweet pops is the best in Wichita.


ICTea specializes in fresh fruit teas and different fruit smoothies that have boba mixed in, and is ranking third on our list. The variety of teas here is much less extensive than Sweet Pops and Kung Fu Tea, and the boba is a much tougher consistency. However, their boba variety is very extensive, and the number of specialty drinks is just as extensive. Overall, ICTea has a great selection of boba, but a much smaller selection of teas, so we have given it the third-place ranking.

Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea serves a variety of boba ranging from sweet milk teas to fruity iced teas and is ranking second on our list. The sugar milk tea here was slightly too sweet, but the fresh boba that they use made up for it. Overall the boba from Kung Fu Tea was incredible and is ranking second in Wichita.

Boba Zone

Boba Zone gives customers a variety of boba and tea combinations to choose from, and they are ranking fourth on our list today. There is a lot less variety at Boba Zone than any of the other places we reviewed, and the consistency of their tapioca boba is much tougher than any of the others, as well. These factors land Boba Zone in fourth place on our list.

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