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Red Flags!

Everyone has a red flag, whether that is clinginess or cannibalism the array is wide. So, the question is now, what are yours? One of the most observant jobs in the world, teachers pay attention to their kids (or should) more than most. After asking both teachers and faculty, the responses were both hesitant and exciting.

When asked what comes to mind when students have red flags, Ms. Craig answered, “A student that always has a silly excuse for not doing their I’ve heard, ‘My hamster ran away!’ or like “Google classroom didn’t let me turn my assignment in!’ and I’m like: ‘I don't think google classroom just targets you individually!’”

Ms. Conely, after answering honestly, made a humorous jab at some of my speeches in her class, “If the rock is wet it's probably raining.”

“The willingness to take risks, in a positive way, meaning even if you do not like the subject you dive into it. Will you be successful? That can vary. Some subjects are just hard, but your chance of success goes up,” Mr. Brittain answered.

The neighboring science teachers had similar answers when it came to greener flags in students.

Mr. Bentley didn’t hesitate, “Students that are self motivated. That is driven by just figuring out information or just wanting to know something. Usually if they are self motivated and are willing to do something – as opposed to, “I’m gonna do this just so I can get an A.”-- I see that as working well for them later on.”

Everyone has one or more red flags. The lesson for students is, be creative and make up new excuses!

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