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Stop Diet Culture

With the start of the new year, people are often looking to change themselves. This year they will choose to read more, work out more, or eat healthier. All of these come from the traditions of new year's resolutions. A resolution is something to wish for in the upcoming year. It's always something to make yourself better in some way, but the problem with them is that they are unachievable to most people. When the start of the year comes around, companies try to make money from people that want to look good in a fast and easy way. They choose to put out variations of diets.

All over the media, there are pop-ups like “Get slim fast” or “Keto changed my life” making people think that they can look like a model with one diet or a hit workout. But what they never tell you is that the diet is not plausible, and it takes more than a 30 minutes workout to look like a model on a magazine cover.

If you see a diet that tells someone it makes people lose a pound a day, it is most likely a scam or unhealthy for your body. Those diets are not feeding their clients enough, so they are not receiving enough nutrients for their daily needs to remain healthy. Most of them include small portion sizes, all vegetables, and no carbs. They forget to mention that carbs are a part of a healthy diet to give energy to the body. Unhealthy relationships with food can lead to horrible eating disorders, like anorexia, and bulimia.

The media tells people that the perfect body is the one they see in magazines. They forget to mention the amount of work it takes those models to look the way they do, and the amount of photoshop that is put into those photos that make them look perfect. It's like they want people to hate themselves and not feel comfortable in their bodies.

If you want to make 2023 your year and start eating right, then don’t use a harmful diet that is not good for you. Just talk to a doctor and make better choices on what should go into a healthy body. Just remember that all that matters is being healthy, not looking perfect. All bodies are beautiful, and if someone tries to incorporate healthy habits that's what counts.

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