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Tragedy in Thailand

During a normal Thursday in Thailand on October 6th a horrible tragedy occurred. It was a regular day in a daycare in Thailand when out of the blue there was a break in. This break in was by a formal cop that was fired recently for drug charges. During this time in the day care, he had shot and killed approximately 30 people. Teachers and kids were killed in this massacre. At least 22 children, 2 adults, and 2 more children elsewhere. Most kids in the day care were 2-3 years old.

The shooter bursted in the daycare during nap time. When first responders got there, there were bodys in blankets, and in the back room which was where they typically napped.

This attack happened in a rural part of Thailand, Nongbua Lamphu, one of the poor parts of the country.

The teachers that had gotten the opportunity to escape when the shooter was reloading told the first responders that they had locked the door, but he must have shot though. After getting more information, they said that the attacker had no rhyme or reason to his madness, he was shooting around with the intent to hurt or cause pain to anyone in the building

After doing further investigating, the police found that the shooter had also shot and killed his wife and kid and then killed himself after.

This was one the most terrible tragedies in the nation, and is extremely uncommon around there, their death rates by firearms are lower than most countries around them.

All people can do is send good thoughts to those that were affected by it. We can only hope that this will never happen again, and the families will get the justice that they deserve.

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